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Woman wearing a light grey babywearing and maternity coat while back carrying a small child.
Back image of a dark grey babywearing and maternity coat with an infant being baby carried on the back.

Back Babywearing Insert | Coat

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35.00 SGD
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24.50 SGD


Our back babywearing insert is the perfect addition to our 4 in 1 coat to ensure your child is kept warm while back carrying. It creates a cocoon like environment in which you are able to regulate your child's temperature from your own body heat. Ease the transition between indoors and outdoors seamlessly without ever having to remove your child from the carrier and never wake a sleeping baby again! 

It can be used while: 

  • back carrying a child
  • tandem carrying one child on the front and one on the back (2 inserts are required)
  • back carrying a child while pregnant
  • can be used until the child is 2-3 years of age

This insert is specifically designed for back carries. Its long narrow sleeping hood design means the wearer can reach back and do up the hood on their own while the child is asleep. The hood keeps the child's head upright and in a side facing position while its narrowness ensures the child's face is free from fabric. Since children tend to be carried much higher on the back, the adjustable shoulder line has been placed higher on the insert.  

*Price is for the babywearing insert only
*Compatible only with the MarkoMiles 4 in 1 coat
*Must be worn with a baby carrier underneath 
*Make sure to check that your child's airways are free from fabric at all times

Fabric Contents: 
Body | 100% Polyester 

Machine Washable